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Reload this Page OVH threatens to leave France if proposed surveilance bill passes

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OVH threatens to leave France if proposed surveilance bill passes
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Default OVH threatens to leave France if proposed surveilance bill passes - 04-16-2015, 12:39 PM

Know that OVH is a huge company that many people use so I thought I would share this:


"Five popular French web hosting providers, including Gandi and OVH, said on Thursday that the new French intelligence bill might push them to leave the country (French) in order not to lose their customers. The five companies are protesting against the "real-time capture of data connection" and their analysis by the intelligence services using "+black boxes+ with blurred lines". The web hosting providers believe that this project "will not reach its goal and will potentially put every French citizen under surveillance, that will result in the destruction of a major segment of the economy of our country," by pushing their customers to turn to other less intrusive territories. If the bill is passed as it is, "we have to move our infrastructure, our investments and our employees where our customers want to work with us". The companies have provided a listing of dozen cities where they "will suppress jobs instead of creating new ones."; "These are thousands of jobs (...) that startups and large companies will also create elsewhere," they add. The press release was addressed to the French Prime Minister, Manuel Valls, and was co-signed by Gandu, OVH, IDS, Ikoula and Lomaco."


I am always happy to answer all of your questions and help you out in any way I can.
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Default 04-16-2015, 02:57 PM

I got OVH an I will definitely switch providers if that Bill goes through.
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Default 04-18-2015, 07:17 PM

So many people will leave them if this happens.
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